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Double top construction is a relatively new technique combining a honeycomb fiber sandwiched between two very thin soundboards. It dramatically reduces the weight but retains the necessary stiffness. The result is very responsive and powerful instruments opening up a great dynamic range. The guitars have excellent projection and sustain, with wonderful evenness and separation. The tone colours and fullness are amazing. I like to brace double tops in a similar way to how I would treat traditional guitars, with a variation on the fan bracing system. This ensures that they, sound like a guitar with a traditional sense of tonality. Of course two soundboards are required so the option to pair spruce and cedar to combine their characters is very exciting. Many of the finest recitalists are now playing double tops.

I am just touching the surface here. Please contact me to further the discussion about these wonderful instruments.

∙Indian rosewood back and sides
∙Red cedar, Engleman spruce sound board
∙Central American cedar or mahogany neck with slipper foot construction
∙Ebony fret board
∙Rosewood or Ebony bridge
∙Solid wood purfling and binding (Inquire)
∙Compensated nut and saddle, bone
∙Irving Sloane
∙French polish finish
∙TKL hardshell case